A-Z Total Office Solutions is your source for Disabled Veteran Small Business Compliance
As a company, A-Z Total Office Solutions believes it is our duty and responsibility to implement green practices that will support the protection of our environment. Our employees embrace these practices that our Green Committee requested, and continue to make sure they are a part of our day-to-day operations.
  • Daily Operations: We have set an internal limit on kilowatt usage. All thermostats have been programmed to ensure the best kilowatt usage possible. The offices and warehouses have been designed with the maximum amouth of natural lighting. Earth friendly insulation has been used in each of our facilities to keep energy amounts to a minimum.
  • Shipping Packaging: Shipping products consists of recycled materials as much as possible. Most vendors that are used are "green consciounce" and ship their products in recycled containers.
  • Delivery: We plot our deliveries each day to ensure the minimum amount of fuel needed. This is a practice that we have always used, not only for the expense of fuel, but to decrease our "carbon footprints."
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